Askeaton Senior National School

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..”

December 8, 2016 · No Comments

Today the pupils and staff attended Mass in Askeaton Church at 11.30 in honour of the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The pupils eagerly sang some carols as they participated in the Mass.

The pupils of the Senior NS are looking forward to attending the Junior NS Nativity Play next week as they remember with fondness past years when they themselves were the stars of the show.

The Parents Council have organised a Bake Sale in aid of both schools, which will take place in the GP hall on Thursday 15th December after the performance of the Junior School Nativity Play.  Pupils are encouraged to supply for sale, culinary delights in the form of cakes, scones,etc in addition to used books and DVDs which are in good condition. Parents / guardians are asked to write their names on plates, trays or boxes which they want returned please, to ensure that each supplier will receive their own property after the Bake Sale.

We all look forward to the build-up of Christmas spirit.

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Parent-Teacher Meetings today

December 2, 2016 · No Comments

Today all parents and guardians of the pupils of Askeaton Senior NS are invited to attend the school from 3pm to 5.30pm where the teachers will be available to meet and discuss the progress of their pupils.

If a parent is unable to attend today, they may contact Majella at reception, with a view to making an appointment for an alternative date.

Positive home-school links are fostered by meetings such as these.

The meetings also help pupils to realise that the parents /guardians work in a partnership with the teachers, and they together aim for the best educational outcomes possible for each pupil.

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Parish Mission this week with the Ceili Catholic Community

November 24, 2016 · No Comments

dsc_0747    dsc_0739   dsc_0755

This week the Parish of Askeaton/Ballysteen is hosting a Mission being facilitated by the Céilí Catholic Community. The team of Missionaries are immersing themselves in the community for the week. A very important part of their programme for the week is taking place in our school, where they are teaching and engaging with the pupils in an age-appropriate way as they spread their message of Joy and Love of God. The pupils of Askeaton Senior NS on Thursday night entertained their families and the wider community in the parish church in Askeaton show-casing many of the songs and short plays they have learnt during the week from the guest teachers. The theme for Thursday was “Jesus on the dance-floor”.

Congratulations to the pupils, their teachers and the Missionaries on a beautiful and uplifting performance.

dsc_0744   dsc_0733  img_3963 img_3965 img_3966 img_3967 img_3968 img_3969 img_3970 img_3971 img_3972 img_3973 img_3974 img_3975 img_3976 img_3977 img_3978 img_3979 img_3980 img_3981   20161124_200559   20161124_200028      20161124_200559   dsc_0739  dsc_0741

The work of the Céilí team was most enjoyable for all concerned. We thank Sr. Enda-Maria, Sr. Mary Loughman, Marion and Frances along with Fr. Patrick and Fr. John for their work with our school community. We also thank Fr. Seán O Longaigh and the Pastoral Council for arranging this Parish Mission.

img_3984  img_3987   img_3988  img_3989   img_3991 img_3986 img_3988 img_3989 img_3993

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Bird-watching in Curraghchase in November 2016

November 24, 2016 · No Comments

img_3865   img_3872   img_3895   img_3915  img_3932   img_3949

Last week between  Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th November, each class had an opportunity to travel to Curraghchase and participate in wonderful science and nature lessons. Along with the class teachers and SNAs, we were delighted to be accompanied once again by guest speaker and author, Geoff Hunt. Geoff directed the pupils and staff on the best ways of viewing the various birds and later he visited each class to complete the lessons.

Pictures from the 3rd class trip to Curraghchase on 15th November 2016:

img_3861 img_3862 img_3863 img_3864 img_3866 img_3867 img_3868 img_3869 img_3870 img_3871 img_3872 img_3873 img_3874 img_3875 img_3877 img_3878 img_3880 img_3881 img_3882 img_3883 img_3884 img_3885 img_3886 img_3887 img_3889 img_3890 img_3891 img_3893 img_3894 img_3896 img_3897

Pictures from the 4th class trip to Curraghchase on Tuesday 15th November 2016:

img_3899 img_3900 img_3901 img_3902 img_3903 img_3905 img_3907 img_3908 img_3909 img_3911 img_3912 img_3913 img_3914 img_3915 img_3916 img_3919 img_3920 img_3921 img_3922 img_3923 img_3924 img_3925 img_3926 img_3927 img_3928 img_3929 img_3930 img_3933 img_3934 img_3935 img_3936 img_3938 img_3939 img_3940 img_3941 img_3942 img_3944

Pictures from the 5th class trip to Curraghchase on 16th November:

img_3945 img_3946 img_3947 img_3948 img_3949 img_3950 img_3951 img_3952 img_3953 img_3955 img_3956 img_3957 img_3958 img_3959 img_3960

Pictures from the 6th class trip to Curraghchase on 16th November 2016:

20161116_120625   20161116_113145   20161116_113143

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Hurling Coach Sean Herbert completes 5 week programme

November 24, 2016 · No Comments

leitrim-green-and-gold-flag-600x360   limerick-gaa-flag


The GAA skills of our pupils have been greatly enhanced by the expert tuition of Co Board Coach Seán Herbert who attended our school for  5 weekly sessions before the mid-term break. Thanks to Seán and the local Askeaton/ Ballysteen Bord na nÓg for facilitating the coaching sessions.

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Nestle enable a bright weather forecast for Askeaton Primary Schools

November 15, 2016 · No Comments


Pictured are two representatives from each class in Askeaton Senior NS as they admire the new Weather Station in advance of it being installed in position.


We at Askeaton are proud to have been chosen by Nestlé as a partner school in the environmentally friendly projects being undertaken in our locality. Pupils from our classes have visited the Butterfly Meadow at the time of it’s launch in October 2014, again in June 2015 and once again in June 2016 to view the Meadow, the Insect Lodges and observe the progress made over the intervening years. It is wonderful for our school community to have such a fabulous asset in our locality and more importantly to be involved in the educational projects being undertaken by Nestlé.

In the next step in our partnership, Nestlé have generously presented us with a digital, solar powered weather station. This wonderful equipment will greatly enhance the learning of our pupils, while also recording some valuable information on an on-going basis.

For further information, please read the following article taken from the Nestlé website:…


Wyeth Nutrition forecasts a sustainable future with local primary school

Oct 7, 2016


Nestlé Wyeth Nutrition factory brought sunshine to the curriculum at a primary school close to its site in Askeaton, Ireland, when it presented pupils with a weather station.  From its location, the weather station will allow pupils to record temperature, wind speed and direction and rain fall levels. The data captured will help the children to learn about ecosystems, as well as providing data which will be used in planning alternative energy sources for the factory.

This educational partnership is part of the factory’s sustainability programme, which also brought a 1,800 square metre butterfly meadow and insect lodge to the area to enhance local biodiversity.
The presentation was made to the Principal of the local school at Wyeth’s Butterfly Meadow.

At the launch, the National Director of the Irish Government’s National Biodiversity Data Centre, Dr. Una Fitzpatrick attended to witness the range of sustainability activities being carried out by Wyeth.

Speaking on the day Dr Fitzpatrick stated: “Unfortunately, Irish pollinators are in decline, with one third of our 98 bee species threatened with extinction. In 2015, we published an All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and became one of the first countries in Europe to have developed a strategy to address pollinator decline and protect pollination services. Protecting pollinators safeguards the livelihoods of our farmers and protects our ability to grow our own fruit and vegetables. Given that three quarters of our wildflowers also need to be pollinated, it also protects the colour and beauty of our landscape.

“Across the island we are seeing organisations from all sectors coming together to take action to make Ireland pollinator friendly. Nowhere is this more evident than in the initiatives being carried out by Nestlé. In making their Wyeth site a place where pollinators can survive and thrive, they are leading the way and providing an example of the role businesses can play in making local communities more sustainable for our biodiversity,” she concluded.

Brian Shiel, Safety, Health and Environment Lead, Wyeth Nutrition Ireland said: “Nestlé has a clear objective to achieve 20 percent renewable energy use across all its sites by 2020. Our partnership with a local primary school will assist us in deciding the best approaches our factory can take in achieving this ambitious goal. I would like to thank the local school children and our external experts in making this educational project a reality. Over the next 4 years, I am certain we will take big steps in reducing the environmental footprint of our Limerick plant with the help of both our employees and our community.”

Nestlé Wyeth Nutrition infant formula plant in Askeaton engages in a wide range of environmental sustainability activities that target water use, energy, raw material procurement, biodiversity and waste.

img_3851 img_3852 img_3853 img_3854 img_3855

Thank you Nestlé.

We are proud to be associated with this wonderful venture.


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Cash for Clobber this week in Askeaton Primary Schools

November 14, 2016 · No Comments


The Parents Council of Askeaton Junior and Senior National Schools have organised a “Cash for Clobber” event this week. Please drop donations of unwanted clothes, textiles and shoes to the school reception during school hours any day this week from 14th to 18th of November. All support is greatly appreciated.

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Annual fund-raising draw for school equipment

October 28, 2016 · No Comments

img_3832  img_3834

Today 28th November 2016, the annual sponsorship draw for Askeaton Senior NS  was held. Our fund-raising drive was very successful thanks to our sponsors, the great effort made by the children and the support of the parents / guardians. We would like to thank all of those people in the community who contributed in any way.

The following are the lucky prize- winners on this occasion:

1st prize: Membership for 3 months at Askeaton Pool & Leisure Centre, sponsored by Coral leisure.  This was won by Ciarán Hyland of Elton, Knocklong.

2nd prize: Two 50 euro vouchers sponsored by Twohig’s Supervalu. This was won by Kenneth Ryan of Rhebogue, Limerick.

3rd prize: Five bags of coal sponsored by Galtee Fuels. The lucky winner was Mary O Shaughnessy of Plunkett Road, Askeaton.

Bank of Ireland, Askeaton also sponsored our draw.

Other prizes were won by pupils who sold the cards. Emma from 6th class sold the line that won 1st prize. Conor  from 4th class won a prize for all sellers of full cards. The “Champion Sellers” during this year’s fundraising draw were Naoimi and Louise both from 6th class who each sold 6 full cards.

Congratulations to all winners and all supporters. By your support you are helping our school in a most practical way.

img_3827  img_3828-2   img_3829-2   img_3835-2   img_3836-2

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Hallowe’en at Askeaton Senior NS

October 28, 2016 · No Comments

img_3799    img_3848

The pupils have been busy this week with topics relating to Hallowe’en integrated into the various subjects being studied. Customs and traditions were examined during History, English, Gaeilge, Drama and Art & Craft. Each class produced some seasonal scary pictures, masks, gloves and designs in addition to creative stories.

Today the pupils were invited to raise money for charity in a “non-uniform day”. The pupils had so much fun expressing themselves wearing costumes both dramatic and topical and helping others at the same time. The funds raised by pupils during this “non-uniform” day will be presented to Patsy & Frances Mc Carthy of Plunkett Road who will in the near future switch on their “Christmas Lights Charity Display”.  This year the proceeds from the “Christmas Lights Charity Display” will be donated to two very worthy causes: The Alzheimer’s Day Care Centre in Adare and also the Childrens’ Ark Ward at University Hospital, Limerick.  A huge thank you to everyone who supported these worthy causes.

The pictures tell of some extremely scary , dangerous characters in our classes today. Their parents / guardians must have had great fun helping the alien creatures to prepare for their day at our school!!!

img_3800 img_3802 img_3803 img_3808   img_3801-2    img_3847   img_3843       img_3844    img_3846   img_3842   img_3804-2  img_3805-2 img_3809   img_3810   img_3811-2    img_3813-2   img_3815-2     img_3816-2   img_3817-2   img_3820-2   img_3822-2

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Maths Week 2016

October 28, 2016 · No Comments

“Maths Week” was celebrated at our school during the designated week recently.

Each class placed a focus in an age-appropriate way on the many aspects of the Mathematics Curriculum.

The verdict of the majority of pupils is that Maths can be a fun subject. 🙂

img_3839   img_3840

img_3791 img_3792 img_3793 img_3794 img_3795 img_3796 img_3797 img_3798

more pictures to follow

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