Askeaton Senior National School

Summer Holidays begin today 27th June 2016

June 27, 2017 · No Comments

The summer holidays started today for the pupils of Askeaton Senior and Junior National Schools.

We wish everyone some lovely weather and relaxation.

The schools will reopen for the next school year on Wednesday 30th August at 9am.

🙂    🙂   🙂

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Discover Science and Maths Award 2016-2017

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Congratulations to all pupils and staff who were involved in the Science Foundation Ireland project during this school year.

This week the “Discover Science & Maths Award” wall plaque was delivered to the school.

Well done .  🙂   🙂


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6th class graduation celebrations

June 22, 2017 · No Comments


6th class have prepared for their “graduation day” for the past few months with the guidance of their teacher Ms Doyle. Thursday 21st June was the BIG DAY and everything ran smoothly!!

The events began with a beautiful Mass in the local church celebrated by Fr Sean and with the entire 6th class involved in all aspects of the celebration. It was lovely to have many parents, guardians and other family members in attendance at the special graduation Mass. During the Mass some very meaningful reflections and prayers were read. John and Louise told of some memories they have of their time in primary school and their hopes for the future.

The home-school partnership was symbolized by Teresa O Connell and Geraldine Guerin, (representing the Parents) and Mr. O Connell, (representing the teachers) as they reflected on the passing-on of the light of love, security, education and hopes for the future.

The second part of the celebration took place in the school GP room. Tasty refreshments were served to all visitors by members of our ever-helpful Parents’ Council and we are very thankful to them for their help. The guests had an opportunity to chat over a cuppa and afterwards enjoyed being entertained by singing and dancing of 6th class pupils. In the background a power-point slideshow displayed photos of pupils from this 6th class through their years in Askeaton Senior NS.

Graduation certificates were then presented to all the 6th class by Mr O Connell who advised the pupils to be self-aware and always remember the support-structures in their lives. He spoke about the journey they have made so far in their education and he wished them well in the future.

Fr Seán gave the pupils some words of advice also and then presented each pupil with a beautiful pocket-prayer-booklet which is a lovely keepsake. Fr Seán also presented each pupil with their new royal-blue hoodies. Under the direction of Ms Doyle the class had designed the hoodies  and fund-raised to purchase them by their recent bake-sale. These unique hoodies look stunning,  with the names of all the classmates inside the outline of the number 17, and again will be a lovely practical reminder of their class in Askeaton SNS.

Go néirí libh go léir.     🙂  🙂

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Science experiments in 5th class

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Science experiments

June 22, 2017 · No Comments

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Shannon Estuary Mud Search and Rescue demonstration

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Pupils from Askeaton Senior NS are very fortunate to have been given a very practical demonstration by Mike and David from the Shannon Estuary Mud Search & Rescue on Friday 16th June.

The demonstration included information on different types of life-jackets, correct use of a life jacket and a ring-buoy as well as how to be helpful in times of emergency. The pupils were given some problem-solving scenarios to work through.

What are the steps to take if we see someone in difficulty in water or mud?

What telephone numbers would notify emergency services?

What to do if sinking in mud?

Why is it vital to protect life-saving devices?

Mike and David gave us some very useful information about facilities in our locality.

Every ring-buoy has a unique 6-digit serial number.  When a person calls the emergency services, if they can call out the 6-digit number on the ring-buoy, the service operator will be able to identify the exact location of the emergency.  This in turn will greatly speed up the arrival of emergency services.


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Presentation of Hurling Medals

June 19, 2017 · No Comments


Following the success of the Askeaton Senior NS hurling team in the 2017 Cumann na mBunscoil Division 3 West Final, our school population was delighted to welcome some well-known guests from GAA circles to present the medals on Thursday 15th June.

Some representatives from Askeaton/ Ballysteen Bord na nOg  were present to cheer on our team members and welcome the visiting guests. We thank the local Bord na nOg for continuous support each year. On this special occasion the generous gifts of drinks and refreshments delivered by Bord na nOg are greatly appreciated and will be consumed with delight by the grateful pupils.  🙂  🙂

Representing the County GAA Board was Siobhan Scanlan who brought very welcome gifts of GAA autograph books and a substantial number of lolly-pops.   🙂

The loudest cheers were for special guests Limerick Hurlers James Ryan and Diarmuid Byrnes with Limerick Footballers Pater Nash and Danny Neville who came along with Mike Cunningham representing the Bord na nOg Coaches.

Pupils and staff from the Askeaton Junior NS joined their colleagues from the Senior NS to celebrate this memorable occasion.

The stars on this occasion were our school hurling team members for 2017:

From 6th class were Callum, Colm, Jack B, Janek, John OS and Mike.

From 5th class were Cillian, John F, Luke and Sam.

From 4th class were Emma and Matthew.

Mr Hayes was happy to be Master of Ceremonies on this historic occasion, which bridged a gap of 42 years since the last hurling title was won by pupils from our  school.


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Sport-for-all-day 2017

June 14, 2017 · No Comments

Tuesday 13th June was chosen for this year’s “Sport-for-all-day”.

The pupils and staff relocated to the Askeaton GAA grounds and happily the weather was kind.

The teachers were assisted by some parents, some past-pupils and other adults in the community in supervising and organizing the events at each station while the pupils enthusiastically participated in a wide range of activities.

All enjoyed themselves and smiles were continuous.

The emphasis was on participation rather than competition.

The events of the day included rounders, long-puck, penalty shooting, 3-legged race, crawling race, wellie-throwing, tug-of-war, wheel-barrow race, tag rugby and sack race. The games of our forefathers such as tug-of-war and wellie-throwing were extremely popular  with the children.

The highlight for many was the arrival of an ice-cream van courtesy of our generous parents’council. Thanks once again for the treats.     🙂  🙂

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West Hurling Final success !!!

June 12, 2017 · No Comments


Friday 9th June 2017 will be remembered for many-a-day by the GAA supporters of Askeaton Senior NS.

The pictures speak best on this occasion.

The hurling team made the journey to Neville Park in Rathkeale with hopes of success in the Division 3 Final against Raheenagh/ Ashford NS at 11am.

The panel remained the same as for the semi-final on June 2nd.

The following players lined out to represent our school:

From 6th class we had Callum, Colm, Jack B,  John OS, Mike and Janek.

From 5th class we had Cillian, John F, Luke and Sam.

From 4th class we had Emma and Matthew.

Our team played against the wind in the first half and Raheenagh certainly provided quite a challenge for our team. Although we trailed at half-time we knew we had the ability to up our game.

With the wind on our side after the break, and the encouraging words of the team-talk from Mr Hayes and Mr O Connell ringing in the players’ ears, the performance of the team from the Deelside gradually improved in most areas of the field. The work-rate of the Askeaton SNS team was delightful to watch and with each score came greater confidence. Both teams had displays of great skill and the supporters from both camps really enjoyed the performance.

The final score was 7:07 for Askeaton Senior NS while Raheenagh / Ashford NS had 3:03.

The cup was presented to our school captain John OS to great applause from the team and supporters.

The return bus journey to school was a very happy one.  🙂

The pupils at school were delighted to welcome our team and the precious cup for it’s first ever visit to Askeaton Senior NS. This win is a testament to the players for their team-work and level of training over the years in Bord na nOg. Clearly the officials and coaches of Bord na nOg deserve the appreciation of the players and the school community for the imparting of hurling skills in each successive year. Skills learnt and practised with diligence lay a great foundation to the teams of the future in Askeaton GAA.

Two players deserve a special mention for their role on Friday’s famous team performance. Emma and Matthew of 4th class chose to miss the 1st part of the day at their school tour to Tralee, in order to play with their hurling team. They both gave of their best. Fortunately for them the ever-helpful Julia Keaveney, was willing and available to drive the 2 players to Tralee to join their class at the Active Kingdom in Tralee.  Julia deserves a medal as much as the team for her support both as a parent and as Bord na nOg representative. 🙂  🙂


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School Tour : 3rd and 4th classes 2017

June 12, 2017 · No Comments


The pupils of 3rd and 4th Classes had waited patiently for their school tour until Friday 9th June. The boys and girls arrived in good time for the 8am bus journey to “Active Kingdom” in Tralee.

The activity centre located at John Mitchel’s GAA complex is a paradise for all children who enjoy being active.  Our 3rd and 4th classes participated enthusiastically in all the activities provided for them. They developed skills in team-building, concentrating, orienteering and tackling obstacle courses in addition to activities on a range of inflatable castles, slides and zones.

The pupils in Tralee from early on Friday were looking forward to hearing the match results from the hurling finals in Neville Park. By lunch-time the good news reached the “Active Kingdom”.  4th class members Matthew and Emma arrived in Tralee soon after lunch-time to a hero’s welcome. They had missed the early activities in the “Active Kingdom” but they had played their parts in other special events in the West Hurling Finals in Neville Park in Rathkeale.

The school tour to the “Active Kingdom” was a great success and a most memorable day for the pupils of Askeaton Senior NS.



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